Who are we?

We are the 12th order also known as the final order in the city of Wichita, KS.

How it works

Members offer 5% for full membership or 1% to 4% for partial membership in the 12th order. The % is of your net income.

  • + 5% full membership
  • + 4% partial membership level 1
  • + 3% partial membership level 2
  • + 2% partial membership level 3
  • + 1% partial membership level 4

Each level grants more and more privileges. Level 4 is part of the e-mailing list and can request support at a discounted rate of 25%. Level 3 gets support at a discounted rate of 35%. Level 2 gets a 45% discount. Level 1 gets a 60% discount. Full membership gets 2 free support requests and a 75% discount on additional.

Any counsel is to be considered clerical or spiritual. While we counsel on anything we are not professionals and licensed as such. We are providing such counsel or advise based on our own experiences and beliefs.

Our Team

The Wichita, KS, USA, NA part of the 12th order is happy to have the director of the 12th order, Samuel Stockton.

In Wichita, you will have the chance to meet him and give him gifts as you desire. You can please him more than others can as you will have access.

We hope to see you join.

Contact Us

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A little about nothing!

Parties everywhere! Where? Everywhere. We like to party and have a lot of fun. We enjoy playing games of all kinds. Feel free to join us anytime. Any level of membership makes you eligible for member only games.